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     The Snow Queen liked the open gates. She liked the sounds of children laughing and she loved the way that it felt to have people visit. She liked it when they asked for snow and she felt at home with her people - if sometimes slightly uneasy due to years of being locked up in her room. There was always going to be that underlying concern, but she was happier far more often and could be drawn outside without any resistance. 

     Which was why the young queen stood on the stairs from the palace doors, looking down as a collection of laughing and grabbing children rushed forwards to greet someone at the gates. She descended the stairs easily, crossing the courtyard while she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Hearing the words from the Frost spirit’s lips, Elsa was about to respond as a young girl buried her face in the icy fabric of her skirt. Brushing her fingers through the dark locks of the little girl, she looked back up and smiled. "I suppose that depends on your definition of a Snow Queen." 

█▒ ☾ ╼╼ Jack looked up at the woman who had appeared. She was elegant at first glance and eerily beautiful at the second. She had the poise of a Queen, Jack thought suddenly. There was something majestic about her and the glittering dress she wore, as if she were made entirely of the unique snowflakes he could summon on whim. He grinned sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders.

"I guess a snow queen would be able to summon snow, right?" The jab fell flat. Making jokes was not something he was good at, as three hundred years of isolation told him. He disentangled himself from the playful children and approached the woman in question. "Lemme guess, you’re the snow queen, aren’t you?"

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Tooth had been in the middle of giving some of her Mini Fairies orders, when a familiar voice echoed through the Palace. She whipped around, looking for the source, until her eyes landed on Jack a little ways away.

"Jack!" She smiled, flying up to him. She shivered slightly and her feathers fluffed out against the cold from his snow. "What brings you here?"

█▒ ☾ ╼╼ Jack brightened as the colorful fairy flew up to him, watching curiously as her feathers bristled against the frigid snow. He bounced closer to her, a grin brightening his usually elfish features.

"Just had a question," he said amiably, twirling his staff as he said so. "When was the last time you had a day off?”

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█▒ ☾ ╼╼ Jack paused. He was not a singer by any means—his voice was too rough, gravely over the chords and he had no idea how notes worked or any of the mechanics of singing. He only knew the words he had heard over a stray radio, lonesome as it sang into the night.

You’re the only one I ever believed in,
the answer that could never be found,
the moment you decided to let love in.
Now I’m banging on the door of an angel.
The end of fear is where we begin,
the moment we decided to let love in.”

█▒ ☾ ╼╼ Jack Frost had been to Arendelle on many occasions. Bringing snow to the globe meant scouring every inch of it and Arendelle was no exception. Even now, as he tossed his hand through the clouds and begged them for a wintry release, he was glad to be among the friendly faces of the kingdom. He dropped before the open gates of the castle and laughed as children ran up to him, their hands eager to grab at his sweatshirt or staff.

"Hey there kiddos!" He beamed, making a small flurry of snow appear above their bouncing heads. "So, I heard there was a snow queen around, is that true?”

Send a “♪” for the Muse to sing part of a song the Mun has recently listened to.


█▒ ☾ ╼╼ The winter spirit landed neatly upon one of Tooth’s many hovering platforms, eyes gleaming. He twirled his staff as he sought out his fellow Guardian.

"Hey Tooth, you here?" He called, hoping one of her mini-fairies might carry on the message. Meanwhile, as boredom soon snagged Jack’s attention, he blew a flurry of snow from his staff, making the usually muggy air a bit chillier to the touch.