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The First Day of Spring - Open RP


The grass crunched in the crisp sunlight as the Elk emerged from the tree line and into a familiar clearing. Another year had come and gone, and it was once again time to wake his dear friend from her annual slumber. Stepping carefully into the pond, he made his way into the mouth of the small cave, approaching the final icicle that survived through the end of Winter. With a single breath, a drop of snowmelt dripped down to cling to the icicle’s tip, and with practiced timing the Elk made his way back to the shore just as the drop fell with a soft plip. 

The waters surface swirled where it was broken by the snowmelt. Tendrils of water twisted and coalesced until a head appeared within the crystalline blue, with hair that faded back into the depths of the pond. Two golden eyes opened as a smile rose above the surface. Spring grinned at her friend, a wave following in her wake as she moved to the edge of the pond to embrace him. 

"Has a year passed already?" the sprite asked through her bright smile while hugging tight around her friend’s furry neck. She laughed a moment later at the Elk’s response before releasing him. "I have missed you too, my friend. It is good to be back." 

Her attention then turned to the Waking Tree at the opposite end of the clearing. It stood barren after the harsh Winter, calling out for her love and attention. With a glance to the Elk, Spring spread her wings and flew over to the Waking Tree, a trail of fresh grass following her every move. As she travelled over dry land, the blue hue to her skin faded into her natural green color until she matched the greenery that her tail left upon the ground. Staring up at the Waking Tree, her grin grew even wider, and with a delighted laugh she launched into the air, raining blush-colored flower petals as she flew graceful circles around the tree’s branches. Each one that she touched burst forth with vibrant life, sprouting crisp leaves and shimmering blossoms. 

Once she was finished, Spring alighted upon the ground next to where the Elk stood a short distance away. Golden eyes took in her work with a nod of satisfaction. “Something tells me that this is going to be a wonderful season,” she told the Elk as she draped an arm around him, her fingers drawing idle patterns in his fur. Her friend huffed in agreement. “I wonder what new experiences this year will bring.” 

It was going to be a terrible season. 

Jack Frost was not a lover of Spring. He did not like the heady aroma of flowers. He did not care for the fresh greenery bursting forth around him. He did not even like the little animals who emerged from their hiding places, prancing about with no concern for the Winter that plagued them just days before. Spring was irritating. It was hot. And he wasn’t ready for Winter to be over yet!

Jack loved to extend his season as much as was possible. It was a rarity when he let Spring come exactly on time. He was never willing to bask in the waning sunlight of the hopeful season, as he would much rather play in the snow and relish the chill of a bitter wind. It was always with great reluctance that he handed over the world to Spring. And this year was hardly an exception.

Jack still had his hand in the weather affairs of the world. Spring was only just beginning, so the winter spirit felt it was only right to go out with a bang. Never a whimper. The transition from Winter to Spring was always a messy ordeal. 

Jack erupted into the glade with a shout, a spattering of snow following him from behind and a cold, frightful wind pushed him along, making the newly blossoming branches shiver. Jack stopped short, however, when he spotted a green maiden smiling demurely up at a tree. A tree full of leaves and life and beautiful flowers… which meant only one thing…

"Oh no," Jack murmured, half in wonder and half in horror. "Oh no no no!" He looked much like a petulant child, as if he was about to stomp his bare feet in the growing grass. "Hey! What’s the big idea, Spring? I still have weeks to play! Winter isn’t over yet!” 

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Oh, the cold never bothered me anyway…[x]

                                                             and i’m l o n e l y; there, i said it
                       i’m lonely but it’s { hard to admit it }
           when everybody thinks that you’re fine all the time and you’re not

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